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Who says that being a band is all about singing romantic or party songs. There are various other categories that one could explore these days. One such music category is gospel or christian faith. We at The Greenes Gospel focus on creating a soul soothing ambience for all our listeners which is why we decided to expand this category over. Most people might be confused as to what a christian faith recording band is all about. Let us start by answering this simple question. A gospel band like ours is known for singing religious hymns and song for those who want to indulge in such kind of music.


We create songs which not only deliver the message of Jesus in a beautiful way. But also make sure that each one of them is catchy so that people can enjoy it always. Apart from this we also think that music is a great way to make people aware about different religions and their beliefs. This is the same thought process that led to the creation of our band. Over the years we have become a part of various communities around the state. Due to the immense love that we received, are band decided to also record these songs. So that people can listen to them in the comfort of their own home.

On the other hand we still do live concert whenever possible. It gives us the feeling of staying connected with our community on a deeper level. Christianity is all about loving and caring for each other. And by being able to witness the love and affection from others in the community we are able to spread it further. If you have been looking to experience a similar divine ambience then we suggest you visit one of our concerts. You can even buy records online. In case you still want more information about our band then this website will surely help. You can even find us on various social media channels where we post regularly.